ne-logo2My Nerium story begins with my friend Kim, whom I met in a networking group I had joined. Kim gave me a bottle to take home to let my wife Rene’ try to see if she liked it. Rene’ was in the process of packing to leave on a beach trip and I really didn’t have the opportunity to tell her about this product I had found for her to try. Out of curiosity I tried the Nerium AD myself while she was gone. Within three days I could tell a major difference in the size of my pores, the texture of my skin was softer, and my face was much less greasy and oily.


When Rene’ and the boys returned I shared with her my exciting experience and urged her to try it. Rene’ has very sensitive skin and has avoided many shampoos, face cream, lotions for a variety of reasons. Nerium AD produced the same great results with Rene’s skin as it did for mine and she loves it. Nerium Ad is now part of our daily skin care regimen. Even my teenage son loves this product because of the healthy, acne free face, he has now. In fact we love the whole Nerium product line and the company so much we now carry these products at our store.

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